The CPU Control Packet Processing Protection feature allows the CPU control packet processing path be protected against misbehaving and malicious hosts or end-points that may flood control protocol packets. This is also called “CPU hog protection”.

Netvisor provides three types of Control Plane Protection:

Syntax   hog-violator-show


mac mac-address

Displays the hog violator MAC address.

vlan vlan-id

Displays the hog violator VLAN ID.

vxlan vxlan-id

Displays the hog violator VXLAN ID.

port port-number

Displays the hog violator ingress port.

cpu-class cpu-class-string

Displays the hog violator original class.

hog-cpu-class hog-cpu-class-string

Displays the hog violator hog queue CPU class.

created date/time: yyyy-mm-ddTHH:mm:ss

Displays the time and date when hog violator is created.

vflow vflow-string

Displays the redirect vFlow.

vflow2 vflow-string

Displays the redirect vFlow 2.

vflow3 vflow-string

Displays the redirect vFlow 3.

idle-count idle-count-number

Displays the current idle count.

Formatting Options

format fields-to-display

Display output using a specific parameter. Use all to display all possible output.

parsable-delim character

Display output formatted for machine parsing using a specified delimiter.


Display output in ascending order.


Display output in descending order.

show dups

Display duplicate entries in the output.

layout vertical|horizontal

Format the output in a vertical or horizontal layout.

show-interval seconds-interval

Repeat the show command at a specified interval.


Display column headers or not.

limit-output number

Limit the display output to a specific number of entries.


Display the number of entries in the output. This is useful with vRouter show commands.


Display full values in the output instead of scaled approximate values.


Display integer values instead of mapped values


Aggregate output by specific parameters. If sum-by fields are specified, records that have the same value in sum-by fields are combined and displayed as one aggregate record. NOTE: This option is only available for show commands that collect statistics such as connection-stats-show.

Defaults   None

Access   Network Administrator


Version 2.6.0.

Command introduced.

Version 3.0.0

The parameter, idle-count, added.

Usage   Use this command to display information about CPU hog violators.

Examples  To display information about CPU hog violators, use the following syntax:

CLI network-admin@switch > hog-violator-show

mac               vlan vxlan  port cpu-class hog-cpu-class created

----------------- ---- ------ ---- --------- ------------- --------

66:0e:94:10:d8:4a 704         15   ospf      hog-ospf      13:13:58

66:0e:94:10:d8:4a 704         15   bfd       hog-bfd       13:14:02

06:c0:00:17:30:0f 16          15   lldp      hog-lldp      13:14:07

06:c0:00:17:30:0f 16          15   lacp      hog-lacp      13:14:10

66:0e:94:1d:09:58      101001 25   arp       hog-arp       13:14:19

00:00:5e:00:01:0b 2001        128  vrrp      hog-vrrp      13:14:22

06:c0:00:17:30:0e 16          15   stp       hog-stp       13:14:31

80:ac:ac:f0:aa:34 16          15   bgp       hog-bgp       13:14:35

00:00:33:33:33:33 2003        15   arp       hog-arp       13:14:46

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