Open vSwitch is a multilayer virtual switch licensed by Apache 2.0. It is designed to enable massive network automation through programmable extensions. This command modifies an Open vSwitch instance on the switch.

Syntax   openvswitch-modify name name-string [gateway ip-address] [tunnel-ip ip-address] [global-vtep|local-vtep] [cert-name cert-name-string][ca-cert-name ca-cert-name-string] [cert-location none|global|container] [location fabric-node name]

name name-string

Specify a name for the Open vSwitch instance.

Specify between 0 and 7 of the following options:

gateway ip-address

Specify the gateway IP address.

tunnel-ip ip-address

Specify the IP address for the tunnel.


Specify the hardware VTEP associated with Open vSwitch.

cert-name cert-name-string

Specify the certificate name for SSL connections

ca-cert-name ca-cert-name-string

Specify the CA Certificate name for SSL connections

cert-location none|global|container

Specify the Certificate location - global or within container

location fabric-node name

Specify the location of the service.

storage-pool storage-pool-name

Specify a storage pool to apply to the VNET.


Specify if you want to enable BFD for OVSDB created tunnels.


Defaults   None

Access   CLI


Version 2.4

Command introduced.

Version 2.4.1

The parameters vnet, dedicated-vnet-service|shared-vnet-service disable|enable, storage-pool, gateway db-conn-type, db-ip, db-port, db-socket deprecated.

Version 2.5.4

The parameters, cert-name, ca-cert-name,and cert-location added.

Version 3.0.0

The parameter, bfd, added.

Command introduced in Version 2.4.

Usage   Use this command to modify an Open vSwitch instance on a VNET and to accept TLS certificates.

Examples  To modify an Open vSwitch instance, Open-One, on VNET, opvnet, and add the database IP address,, use the following command:

openvswitch-create name Open-One vnet opvnet db-ip