This command modifies roles and access controls for a switch.

Syntax   role-modify name name-string access read-only|read-write running-config|no-running-config delete-from-users

name name-string

Specify the name of the role to modify.

Specify one or more of the following options:

access read-only|read-write

Specify read-only or read-write access.


Specify if a user with this the role can use the running-config-show command.


Specify if you want to remove the role from the list of users.


Specify if the user role allows access to the shell.


Specify if the user role allows the sudo command.

Defaults   None.

Access   CLI

History   Command introduced in nvOS Version 2.0.

Version 2.0

Command introduced.

Version 2.1

The parameter, name, added.

Version 2.6.0

The parameters, shell|no-shell, and sudo|no-sudo added.

Usage   In a multi-tenant environment, a switch or fabric can be divided into smaller logical segments known as virtual networks (VNETs) using role-based access control (RBAC). This command allows you to modify roles and access controls for the local switch or fabric.

Examples  To modify a role, from read-write to read-only, use the following command:

CLI network-admin@switch > role-modify local-admin access read-only

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