Netvisor OS allows you to modify the SNMP Engine ID and retrieve previous SNMP agent information for a switch no longer in use. If you have to remove a switch from the network, you can modify the SNMP Engine ID to use the old SNMP Engine ID so Netvisor can query and maintain the same history records for the new switch.

Syntax   snmp-engineid-modify

engineid string

Specify the 28 character unique ID for the SNMP engine.

Defaults   None

Access   CLI

History   Command introduced in Version 3.0.0.

Usage   Use this command to modify the engine identification for the switch.

Examples  To modify the engine identification, use the following command:

CLI network-admin@switch > snmp-engineid-modify engineid 0x80001f8880f2af3c6a2528fc51

Warning: All SNMP users will be erased.


Please confirm y/n (Default: n):y

Modified snmp engineID, Deleted all SNMP users.Please re-create SNMP users.

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