This command is used to set a pasword for a user on the switch.

Syntax   user-password-set name name-string scope local|fabric uid uid-number server aaa-tacacs-name initial-role role-name

name name-string

Specify the name of the user to set the password.

Specify any of the following options:

scope local|fabric

Specify the scope for the user.

uid uid-number

Specify the user ID.

type netvisor|unix|tacacs|web-token|mfg

Specify the type of user.

server aaa-tacacs-name

Specify the name of the TACACS+ server.

initial-role role-name

Specify the initial role of the user.

Defaults   None

Access   CLI


Version 1.2

Command introduced.

Version 2.1

Command changed to user-password-set.

Version 2.6.2

The parameter, type, added.

Usage   You can set the password for the user.

Examples  To set the password for user, admin-net, on the TACACS+ server, aaa-tacacs, with the user ID 23, with the initial role, admin, use the following command:

CLI network-admin@switch > user-password-set name admin-net scope local uid 23 server aaa-tacacs initial-role admin