This command is used to add Router Advertisement (RA) prefixes to a vRouter interface.

Syntax   vrouter-interface-config-raprefix-add


vrouter-name name-string

Specify the vRouter name.

nic vrouter interface nic

Specify the vRouter interface NIC.

v6-ra-prefix ip-address

Specify the IPv6 RA prefix address to include in the Router Advertisement.

prefix-netmask netmask

Specify the netmask for the prefix.


Specify if the RA prefix can be used for IPv6 autoconfiguration.

Defaults   None

Access   Network Administrator

History   Command introduced in Version 3.0.0.

Usage   Use this command to add a RA prefix to a vRouter interface.

Examples  To add a RA prefix, use the following syntax:

CLI network-admin@switch > vrouter-interface-config-raprefix-add


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