Configuring Layer 3 Features

Configuring vRouter Services

A Virtual Router (vRouter) is an important part of fabric functionality. For example, for a VLAN to communicate with other VLANs, or networks external to the fabric, it may need a vRouter that spans the internal and the external network. vRouter commands can only be executed at the fabric level by the fabric administrator.


Informational Note:   For switches with ONVL, the only available VNET is a global VNET created when a fabric is created for the first time. Use tab complete in the CLI to display the VNET and continue the configuration. However, some white box switches support multiple VNETs. Please refer to the Release Notes for the supported platforms.

Routing protocols essentially work the same way on virtual routers as physical routers. Detailed information about routing protocols is not covered in this overview.

IPv6 Hardware Routing

Netvisor OS now supports OSPFv3 and BGP-Multiprotocol with IPv6 unicast and static routing as Control Plane protocols. vRouter interfaces can be configured with globally scoped IPv6 addresses.

CLI (network-admin@Spine-1)vrouter-interface-add vrouter-name vrouter-1 ip 2200:1111:2222:3333::1/64 vlan 100

vrouter-interface-add vrouter-name vr0 ip 2200::1/64 vlan 200

vrouter-interface-add vrouter-name vr0 ip 2211::1/64 vlan 211

vrouter-ospf6-add vrouter-name vr0 nic eth0.200 ospf6-area

vrouter-ospf6-add vrouter-name vr0 nic eth0.211 ospf6-area


BGP-Multiprotocol with IPv6 Unicast Peers Distributing IPv6 Prefixes

CLI (network-admin@Spine1)>vlan-create id 200 scope fabric ports 9

CLI (network-admin@Spine1)>vlan-create id 211 scope fabric

CLI (network-admin@Spine1)>vnet-create name vnet0 scope fabric vlans 200

CLI (network-admin@Spine1)>vrouter-create name vr0 vnet vnet0 router-type hardware router-id hw-vrrp-id 1

CLI (network-admin@Spine1)>vrouter-interface-add vrouter-name vr0 ip 2200::1/16 vlan 200

CLI (network-admin@Spine1)>vrouter-interface-add vrouter-name vr0 ip 2211::1/24 vlan 211

CLI (network-admin@Spine1)>vrouter-modify name vr0 bgp-as 200 no-bgp-ipv4-unicast

CLI (network-admin@Spine1)>vrouter-modify name vr0 bgp-redistribute static,connected

CLI (network-admin@Spine1)>vrouter-bgp-add vrouter-name vr0 neighbor 2211::2 remote-as 222 multi-protocol ipv6-unicast

CLI (network-admin@Spine1)>vrouter-bgp-add vrouter-name vr0 neighbor 2211::3 remote-as 233 multi-protocol ipv6-unicast

CLI (network-admin@Spine1)>vrouter-bgp-network-add vrouter-name vr0 network 2200::/64

CLI (network-admin@Spine1)>vrouter-bgp-network-add vrouter-name vr0 network 2211::/64

IPv6 and Prefix Lists

CLI (network-admin@Spine1)>vrouter-prefix-list-add vrouter-name vr0 name block200 action deny prefix 2200::/16 seq 95

CLI (network-admin@Spine1)>vrouter-bgp-add vrouter-name vr0 neighbor 2211::2 remote-as 222 multi-protocol ipv6-unicast prefix-list-out block200

Static Route

CLI (network-admin@Spine1)>vrouter-static-route-add vrouter-name vr0 network 7777::/64 gateway-ip 2200::9 distance 20