Configuring MTU Parameters for vRouter Interfaces

Support for IPv4 and IPv6 addresses requires configuring the MTU parameter differently for each type of IP address. By default MTU is set at 1500 for the VNICs. For IPv4 addresses, the Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) the range is to 68 to 9216, but the range for IPv6 addresses is 1280-9216. However, Netvisor displays the MTU range as 68-9216 which is supported by IPv4 addresses. But if you configure an IPv6 interface with an MTU value outside of the 1280-9216 for IPv6 addresses, Netvisor returns an error.

In the case of interfaces configured with IPv4 and IPv6 addresses (dual-stack), Netvisor limits the MTU range to 1280-9216. The following special rules apply to dual-stack interfaces: