Enabling Jumbo Frame Support

Jumbo frames are frames that are bigger than the standard Ethernet frame size, which is 1518 bytes (including Layer 2 (L2) header and FCS). The definition of frame size is vendor-dependent, as these are not part of the IEEE standard.

When the jumbo frame feature is enabled on a port, the port can switch large or jumbo frames. This feature optimizes server-to-server performance. The default Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) frame size is 1548 bytes for all Ethernet ports. The MTU size is increased to 9216 bytes when the jumbo frame feature is enabled on a port.

Jumbo frame support is disabled by default.

To enable jumbo frame support, add the jumbo parameter to the port-config-modify command:

CLI network-admin@Leaf1 > port-config-modify jumbo

About Port Isolation

Port Isolation prevents local switching among ports on a Netvisor OS switch or on a pair of Netvisor OS switches configured as a cluster. With Port Isolation, hosts that are part of same Layer 2 domain connect to isolated ports are not allowed to communicate directly or to mutually learn the other MAC address. Communication between these hosts occurs through a Layer 3 device. This is useful for securing bridged east-west traffic through a firewall.

When using this feature on ports within a cluster, you must configure the port-link state association rules between the uplink ports and the downlink isolated ports.