To display a cluster configuration in a fabric, use the cluster-show command.

Syntax   cluster-show name name-string id cluster-id [state offline||online|unavailable|coming-online|slave-ready|going-offline] [cluster-node-1 fabric-node name-string] [cluster-node-2 fabric-node name-string]
[tid tid-number] [mode none|master|slave] ports port-list [remote-ports port-list] [validate|no-validate]

name name-string

Specifies the name of the cluster.


Specifies the ID assigned to the cluster configuration.







going offline


Specifies the name of the first switch in the cluster.


Specifies the name of the second switch in the cluster.

tid tid-number

Specifies the transaction ID number.

mode none|master|slave

Specifies the mode assigned to the cluster.

ports port-list

Specifies the list of ports.

remote-ports port-list

Specifies the list of remote ports.


Validate the inter-switch links and state of the switches in the cluster.

cluster-sync-timeout milliseconds

Specify the amount of time before a cluster times out during synchronization. Specify a time between 500 and 2000 ms.

cluster-sync-offline-count number

Specify the number of missed synchronizations before the cluster goes offline.


Displays if you enabled or disabled STP.

stp-mode rstp|mstp

Displays the STP mode.


Displays if the cluster sends BPDU packets to bridge specific ports.

bridge-id mac-address

Displays the MAC address of the bridge.

bridge-priority bridge-priority-number 

Displays the bridge priority with a default value of 32768.

hello-time seconds 

Displays the hello time in seconds

forwarding-delay seconds

Displays the forwarding time delay in seconds.

max-age seconds

Displays the maximum aging time in seconds.

mst-max-hops count

Displays the number of maximum hops for MSTP BPDUs.

mst-config-name mst-config-name-string 

Displays the name of the MST configuration instance.

mst-config-digest mst-config-digest-string

Displays the MST configuration digest.

cluster-mode none|master|slave

Displays the STP cluster mode.

root-guard-wait-time seconds

Displays the root guard wait time.


Defaults   None

Access   CLI


Version 1.2

Command introduced.

Version 2.1

The parameter, private-link, added.

Version 2.2

The parameter, private-link, deprecated.

Version 2.4

The parameters, mode and remote-ports, added. The option, synching, deprecated. The option, slave-ready, and going-offline added.

Version 2.4.1

The parameters, online, and unavailable added.

Version 3.0.0

The parameters, cluster-sync-timeout and cluster-sync-offline-count added.

Usage   Displays information about cluster configurations on the network.

Examples  To show information about a cluster configuration, use the following command:

CLI network-admin@switch > cluster-show format all layout vertical

name:           vlag

id:             a000030:1

state:          online

cluster-node-1: pubdev01

cluster-node-2: pubdev02

tid:            0

mode:           master

remote-port:    33,34

ports:          26,128



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