Netvisor’s CPU Control Packet Processing Protection feature allows the CPU control packet processing path be protected against misbehaving and malicious hosts or end-points that may flood control protocol packets. This is also called “CPU hog protection”.

If a host floods a control protocol packet, it floods the to-cpu queue. This prevents lower-rate packets from valid senders from reaching Netvisor, resulting in traffic loss for those hosts. Typically a traffic loss occurs for other hosts on the network. Netvisor can process large streams of both valid and malformed protocol packets for various protocols.

Syntax   cpu-class-show


name name-string

Displays the name for the CPU class.

scope local|fabric

Displays the scope as local or fabric.

rate-limit rate-limit-number

Displays the cap for the rate limit.

hog-protect disable|enable|enable-and-drop

Displays if you want to enable, enable and drop packets, or disable hog protection.


Displays if hog protection is supported or not.

queue queue-number

Displays the queue number.

Formatting Options

format fields-to-display

Display output using a specific parameter. Use all to display all possible output.

parsable-delim character

Display output formatted for machine parsing using a specified delimiter.


Display output in ascending order.


Display output in descending order.

show dups

Display duplicate entries in the output.

layout vertical|horizontal

Format the output in a vertical or horizontal layout.

show-interval seconds-interval

Repeat the show command at a specified interval.


Display column headers or not.

limit-output number

Limit the display output to a specific number of entries.


Display the number of entries in the output. This is useful with vRouter show commands.


Display full values in the output instead of scaled approximate values.


Display integer values instead of mapped values


Aggregate output by specific parameters. If sum-by fields are specified, records that have the same value in sum-by fields are combined and displayed as one aggregate record. NOTE: This option is only available for show commands that collect statistics such as connection-stats-show.

Defaults   None

Access   Network Administrator

History   Command introduced in Version 2.6.0.

Usage   Use this command to display information about CPU class configurations.

Examples  To display CPU class configurations, use the following syntax:

CLI network-admin@switch > cpu-class-show

switch     name             scope rate-limit hog-protect hog-protect-support queue

---------- ---------------- ----- ---------- ----------- ------------------- -----

aquarius06 dmac-miss        local 1000       disable     none                1

aquarius06 smac-miss        local 1000       disable     none                2

aquarius06 l3-miss          local 1000       disable     none                3

aquarius06 ttl1             local 1000       disable     none                4

aquarius06 stp              local 1000       disable     supported           5

aquarius06 lacp             local 1000       disable     supported           6

aquarius06 system-d         local 1000       disable     none                7

aquarius06 dmac-miss        local 1000       disable     none                8

aquarius06 smac-miss        local 1000       disable     none                9

aquarius06 l3-miss          local 1000       disable     none                10

aquarius06 ttl1             local 1000       disable     none                11

aquarius06 stp              local 1000       disable     supported           12

aquarius06 lacp             local 1000       disable     supported           13

aquarius06 system-d         local 1000       disable     none                14

aquarius06 igmp             local 1000       disable     none                15

aquarius06 bcast            local 1000       disable     none                16

aquarius06 icmpv6           local 1000       disable     none                17

aquarius06 tcp-analytics    local 1000       disable     none                18

aquarius06 kpalv            local 1000       disable     none                19

aquarius06 ecp              local 1000       disable     none                20

aquarius06 arp              local 1000       disable     supported           21

aquarius06 lldp             local 1000       disable     supported           22

aquarius06 vport-stats      local 1000       disable     none                23

aquarius06 dhcp             local 1000       disable     none                24

aquarius06 pim              local 1000       disable     none                25

aquarius06 local-subnet     local 1000       disable     supported           26

aquarius06 bgp              local 1000       disable     supported           27

aquarius06 ospf             local 1000       disable     supported           28

aquarius06 bfd              local 1000       disable     supported           29

aquarius06 vrrp             local 1000       disable     supported           30

aquarius06 cluster-control  local 5000       disable     none                31

aquarius06 control          local 5000       disable     none                32

aquarius06 hog-arp          local 100        disable     none                33

aquarius06 hog-ospf         local 100        disable     none                34

aquarius06 hog-bgp          local 100        disable     none                35

aquarius06 hog-bfd          local 100        disable     none                36

aquarius06 hog-lacp         local 100        disable     none                37

aquarius06 hog-stp          local 100        disable     none                38

aquarius06 hog-vrrp         local 100        disable     none                39

aquarius06 hog-lldp         local 100        disable     none                40

aquarius06 hog-local-subnet local 100        disable     none                41

aquarius06 dhcp-log-drop    local 1000       disable     none                42

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