You can configure an IGMP querier IP address for a VLAN or as a global IGMP querier. The IGMP querier sends IGMP General Query messages. on the network.

If no querier IP address is specified, then is the default value. There can be an unique querier IP for each VLAN, or you can configure the same Querier IP address for all the VLANs participating in IGMP snooping. The Querier IP address should have a local scope and every switch should have a unique Querier IP address.

With a valid source IP address on IGMP Query packets, the VLAN, where Query is received, is added to an IGMP Snoop switch list, and is now reflected in the igmp-switches-show output and the IGMP queries are sent to the peer Switch as well. This is to solicit a report from the hosts listening on the peer switch.

Syntax   igmp-querier-ip-modify querier-ip ip-address vlans-on-querier-ip vlan-list

querier-ip ip-address

Specify the Snooping Querier IP address.

vlans-on-querier-ip vlan-list

Specify the VLAN map for the querier IP address.

Defaults   None

Access   network-admin

History   Command introduced in Version 2.5.

Usage   Configure an IGMP querier IP address for a VLAN or as a global IGMP querier.

Examples  To configure an IGMP querier IP address with a VLAN list of 12-15, use the following syntax:

CLI network-admin@switch > igmp-querier-ip-modify querier-ip vlans-on-querier-ip 12-15