This command displays historical information about Layer 2 entries on the switch.

Syntax   l2-history-show

time date/time: yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss

Specifies a point in time for displaying historical information.

start-time date/time: yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss

Specifies the start time for Layer 2 history collection.

end-time date/time: yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss

Specifies the end time for Layer 2 history collection.

duration duration: #d#h#m#s

Specifies the duration to collect the Layer 2 history.

interval duration: #d#h#m#s

Specifies the intervals that data is collected Layer 2 history.


Specifies to display all of the Layer 2 history since collection began on the fabric.

older than duration: yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss

Specifies a point in tjme for displaying historical information.

within-last duration: yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss

Specifies the start time for Layer 2 history collection.

log-type l2-save|l3-save|restart

Filter output by the log type of each entry. The log-type column displays when a vPort is created, modified, saved, or deleted.

caller init|config|status|switch-cb|
cluster|gre|ARP|router|flow-cb|    vdp|vlag|port|inject|evict|vxlan|stats|vnm-vnic|adjacency|stp| trunk|intsw|ttl1|flood|flush|
retire|loop|dhcp|fabric|table| l3-age-out|vlan|l2-checker|igmp|
l2-age-out|port-mirror|    mac-move|cluster-status|cluster-status-delete|vxlan-routing|subnet|ND

Specifies the feature that made the change for this entry.

last-caller init|config|status|switch-cb|cluster|gre|ARP|router| flow-cb|vdp|
vlag|port|inject|evict|vxlan|stats|vnm-vnic| adjacency|stp|trunk|intsw|

Specifies the most recent caller for this entry.

reason activate|deactivate|port-move|ip-move|ip-remove|batch-move|retire|
remove-node|port-flags|check-owner| trunk-port-add|trunk-port-remove|
owner-change|update-peer-only|   user-delete|done|vm-metadata|ND

Specifies the reason for history entry.

last-reason activate|deactivate|
port-move|ip-move|ip-remove| batch-move|retire|break-loop|
break-loop-timeout|create|modify| delete|policy|owner-status|
remove-node|port-flags|check-owner|trunk-port-add|trunk-port-remove|move-router-if|age-out| hw-remove|restart|
undo|flush|update-vxlan-vlan|needs-peer-status|owner-lost|owner-change|update-peer-only|   user-delete|done|vm-metadata|ND

Specifies the most recent reason for this entry.

changes owner|mac|ip|num-ips|config-intf|intf|ports|state|local-intf|local-ports|local-state|hostname|hypervisor|vm-id|vm-name|vm-flavor|vm-status

Specifies what changed in this entry.

count count-number

Filter output by the number of entries summed using the sum-by argument.

owner node name


mac mac-address

Filter output by the Filter output by MAC address.

vnet vnet-name 

Filter output by VNET name.

l2-net l2-net name

Specifies the Layer 2 network.

vlan vlan-id 

Filter output by the VLAN ID.

public-vlan vlan-id

Filter output by public VLAN.

vxlan vxlan-id

Filter output by the VXLAN ID.

ip ip-address 

Filter output by the IP address.

num-ips num-ips-number

Specify the number of IP addresses for the Layer 2 entry.

config-intf config-intf-number

Filter output by the configured interface of the Layer 2 entry.

intf intf-number

Filter output by the interface number. This is the port or trunk number of the Layer 2 entry.

ports port-list

Filter output by the list of ports.

state active|static|vrrp|tunnel|software|
router|pdate-peer-only|    active-state-mismatch|peer-port-missing|peer-port-not-vlag| peer-port-not-orphaned|peer-port-not-cluster-link|sw-active|anycast|hsrp

Filter output by the state of the Layer 2 entry.

svc-name svc-name-string

Filter output by service name.

hostname hostname-string

Filter output by the host name.

entity entity-string

Filter output by the VM or VM Kernel device name.

power none|powered-off|powered-on|standby|

Filter by the vPort power status.

portgroup portgroup-string

Filter by the port group.

pg-vlans vlan-list

Filter by port group VLANs.

vswitch vswitch-string

Filter output by vSwitch name associated with VM MAC address.

vs-type none|host-vs|distributed-vs|unknown

Filter output by vSwitch type.

vnic-type untagged|tagged|trunked|vm-mgmt|vm-kernel|vMotion|vSAN|FTL|    rep|p-NFC|r-NFC|mgmt|unknown

Filter output by VNIC type.

memory memory-number

Filter output by the amount of memory assigned to the VM.

cpus cpus-number

Filter output by the number of CPUs assigned to the VM.

disk disk-number

Filter output by the disk number where the VM is installed.

os os-string

Filter output by the OS installed on the VM.

config none|owner|ip|port|hostname|
hypervisor|vm-id|vm-name| vm-flavor|

Filter output by the configuration of the VM.

rem-switch node name

Filter output by the remote switch name.

rem-intf rem-intf-number 

Filter output by the remote interface number.

rem-ports port-list

Filter output by the remote ports.

peer-intf peer-intf-number 

Filter output by vPort peer interface.

peer-state active|static|vrrp|tunnel|software|
router|update-peer-only| active-state-mismatch|peer-port-missing|peer-port-not-vlag|peer-port-not-orphaned|peer-port-not-cluster-link|sw-active|anycast|hsrp

Filter by the vPort peer state.

peer-owner-state active|static|vrrp|tunnel|software|needs-peer-status|port-mac|hit|ageout-check|moving|loop-probe| local-tunnel|
router||update-peer-only| active-state-mismatch|peer-port-missing|peer-port-not-vlag|peer-port-not-orphaned|peer-port-not-cluster-link|sw-active|anycast|hsrp

Filter by the vPort peer owner state.

status phy-up|up|disabled|hw-nat-loop|mirror-loop|mirror-to|inuse| PN-switch|PN-fabric|PN-other|
PN-cluster|PN-internal| PN-hypervisor|PN-guest|snmp-host|host|uplink|drop-pkts|no-pktin|no-fwd|no-flood|STP-BPDUs|LLDP|trunk|l3-port| remote-l3-port|vdp|dhcp|dhcpsvr|blocked|no-BPDU|LACP-PDUs|   vlag-active|vlag-blocked|stp-edge-port|LACP-wait|LACP-fallback|
vlag-wait|multicast-router|host-disabled|loop|congested|vxlan-loopback|vlan-up|vm-kernel|vm|pnic|vle-wait|phy-down|down|enabled|err-disabled|err-bpdu-guard|mac-violation| stp-bpdu-guard|stp-root-guard

Filter output by the status of the Layer 2 entry.

vtep-ip ip-address

Specifies the IP address of the remote VTEP.

tunnel tunnel-string

Filter output by the tunnel name.

create-time date/time: yyyy-mm-ddTHH:mm:ss

Filter output by the time that the vPort was created.

last-seen date/time: yyyy-mm-ddTHH:mm:ss

Filter output by the time that the vPort was last seen on the fabric.

vxlan-lru date/time: yyyy-mm-ddTHH:mm:ss

Filter output by the number of received hits.

hit hit-number

Filter output by the number of times that the vPort migrated on the fabric.

migrate migrate-number

Filter output by the number of drops on the fabric.

drops drops-number

Filter output by the time that the vPort was created.

hw-index hw-index-number

Filter output by the hardware index number.

rt-if rt-if-string

Filter by the router interface.

hw-flags invalid-vlan|invalid-port

Filter by hardware flags.

Defaults   None

Access   CLI


Version 2.3.2

Command introduced.

Version 2.4

The parameters, peer-, hw-index, and rf-if added.

Version 2.6.2

New parameters added. Some parameters removed, vm-id, hypervisor, vm-name, vm-flavor, and vm-status.

Version 3.1.0

The parameters, ND and vtep-ip, added.

Usage   Use this command to display history of Layer 2 entries.

Examples  To display Layer 2 information, use the following command:

CLI network-admin@switch > l2-history-show

time:                       09:02:33

log-type:                   l2-modify

caller:                     router

reason:                     activate,create

owner:                      pleaides24

mac:                        66:0e:94:f4:ec:6e

vlan:                       1


ports:                      65

state:                      active,static

hostname:                   pleiades-tib

status:                     host