This command is used to delete a Layer 2 static multicast group. Hosts join multicast groups either by sending an unsolicited IGMP join message or by sending an IGMP join message in response to a general query from a multicast router (the switch forwards general queries from multicast routers to all ports in a VLAN). When you specify group membership for a multicast group address statically, the static setting supersedes any IGMP snooping learning. Multicast group membership lists can consist of both static and IGMP snooping-learned settings.

Syntax   l2-static-multicast-group-create group-mac mac-address vlan vlan-id 

group-mac mac-address

Specify a MAC address for the multicast group.

vnet vnet-name

Specifies the IP address of the entry.

l2-net l2-net name

Specifies the Layer 2 network.

vlan vlan-id 

Specify a VLAN ID for the multicast group.

Defaults   None

Access   network-admin


Version 2.3

Command introduced.

Version 3.0.0

The parameters, vnet and l2-net, added.

Usage   Use this command to delete a Layer 2 static multicast group.

Examples  To delete a L2 static multicast group on MAC address, 0050.3e8d.6400 and VLAN 25, use the following syntax:

CLI network-admin@switch > l2-static-multicast-group-delete group-mac 0050.3e8d.6400 vlan 25 ports 10-12

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