OpenStack is a cloud operating system that controls large pools of compute, storage, and networking resources throughout a data center. This command is used to create an OpenStack instance on a VNET.

Syntax   openstack-config-create name name-string vnet vnet-name port port-number vlans vlan-list dedicated-vnet-service|shared-vnet-service disable|enable [scope local|fabric] [ha|no-ha] [ha-vip ip-address] [ha-vip-netmask netmask] [release icehouse|juno] [plugin ml2|ovs] [extensions|no-extenstions] [enable-nat|no-enable-nat]

name name-string

Specify a name for the OpenStack instance.

vnet vnet-name

Specify the name of the VNET for OpenStack.

port port-number

Specify the port number for the VNET.

vlans vlan-list

Specify the list of VLANS to apply to the OpenStack service. This should be a range of VLANs that apply to the networks created in OpenStack. Each network is assigned a separate VLAN.

Specify any of the following options:


Specify if OpenStack is a dedicated or shared VNET service.

scope local|fabric

Specify the scope of the OpenStack service as local or fabric.


Specify to add high availability to the configuration.

ha-vip ip-address

Specify the virtual IP address where the failover occurs.

ha-vip-netmask netmask

pecify the netmask for the IP address where the failover occurs.

glance-vfolder storage-vfolder-name

Specify the name of the virtual Glance storage folder for the configuration.

release icehouse|juno

Specify the OpenStack release that you want to deploy. Icehouse is the recommended version of OpenStack.

plugin ml2|ovs

Specify a plugin to configure for OpenStack.


Specify if you want to include OpenStack extensions in the configuration.


Enable NAT for the configuration.

Defaults   None

Access   CLI


Version 2.0

Command introduced.

Version 2.1

The parameters, storage-pool, storage, and release added.

Version 2.2

The option, grizzly, removed from the parameter, release, and the option, icehouse, added. The parameter, plugin, added.

Version 2.3

The parameter storage-folder changed to glance-folder. The parameter plugin is deprecated. The parameter enable-nat added.

Version 2.3.1

The parameters for high availability added. Command changed to openstack-config-create.

Version 2.6.0

The parameters, glance-folder and glance-vfolder, deprecated.

Usage   Use this command to create an OpenStack instance on a VNET.

Examples  To create an OpenStack instance, Open-One, on VNET, opvnet, on port 65 as a dedicated service, on storage pool, vry-lrg-str, use the following command:

CLI network-admin@switch > openstack-config-create name Open-One vnet opvnet port 65 dedicated-vnet-service storage-pool vry-lrg-str

To configure Openstack on HA-enabled cluster:

CLI network-admin@switch > openstack-config-create name openstack-name vnet global-vnet port openstack-port vlans vlan-range ha ha-vip ha-vip no-extensions

To configure Openstack on a cluster without HA:

CLI network-admin@switch > openstack-config-create name openstack-name vnet global-vnet port openstack-port vlans vlan-range no-extensions


Informational Note:  The Pluribus Networks Openstack plugin does not currently support extensions. Therefore, you cannot specify extensions when using the openstack-config-create command.

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