Open vSwitch is a multilayer virtual switch licensed by Apache 2.0. It is designed to enable massive network automation through programmable extensions. This command removes an Open vSwitch interface to the switch.

Syntax   openvswitch-interface-remove ovs-name name-string nic nic-string

name name-string

This parameter is not configurable. It defaults to the name that you used to create the Open vSwitch service.

Specifythe following interface option:

nic nic-string

Specify the NIC to remove from the interface.


Defaults   None

Access   CLI

History   Command introduced in Version 2.4.

Usage   Use this command to remove an Open vSwitch interface.

Examples  To add an Open vSwitch controller, openvswitch-1, use the following command:

CLI network-admin@switch > openvswitch-controller-remove name openvswitch-1