Port Class of Service


You can modify bandwidth guarantees on switch ports. Currently, Pluribus Networks switches allow rate limiting only for CPU facing (PCIe, data and span) ports. Using this feature, you can configure bandwidth guarantees at egress CoS (Class of Service) queue level and manage prioritized traffic. The feature is also used for setting SLAs (Service Level Agreements).

Once you modify the bandwidth, using the command, post-cos-weight-modify, no longer works to modify the CoS weight.

Syntax   port-cos-bw-modify


cos integer

Specify the CoS priority between 0 and 7.

port port-list

Specify the physical port(s).

min-bw-guarantee min-bw-guarantee-string

Specify the minimum bandwidth as a percentage.

max-bw-limit max-bw-limit-string

Specify the maximum bandwidth as a percentage greater than 0.

weight priority |no-priority

Specify the scheduling weight, from 1 to 127, after the bandwidth guarantee is met.

Defaults   None

Access   Network Administrator


Version 2.6.0

Command introduced.

Version 3.0.0

The parameter, weight, added.

Usage   Use this command to modify CoS bandwidth on a port or range of ports.

Examples  To modify the CoS bandwidth to 10 for ports 2-10, use the following syntax:

CLI network-admin@switch > port-cos-bw-modify port 2-10 cos 5 min-bw 10

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