You can use this command to display information about fabric communications when a connection error occurs while using show commands.

Syntax   port-egress-show port port-list egress port-list [rx-only port-list] [active-active-vlags port-list] [loopback port-list] [mir_prevent_out port-list][local-switching|no-local-switching]

port port-list

Displays the physical port list.

egress port-list

Displays allowed egress ports.

rx-only port-list

Displays receive only ports.

active-active-vlags port-list

Displays active-active VLAG ports.

loopback port-list

Displays loopback ports.

mir_prevent_out port-list

Displays ports not participating in mirroring traffic.

no-local-switching port-list

Displays ports that are impacted by the no-local-switching command


Defaults   None

Access   CLI


Version 2.3

Command introduced.

Version 2.5.3

The optional parameter, local-switching|no-local-switching, added.

Version 2.6.2

The parameter, local-switching, deprecated.

Usage   Occasionally, the fabric returns a communication error when show commands are executed at the CLI. This command displays communication on fabric ports.

Examples  To use this command, use the following syntax:

CLI network-admin@switch > port-egress-show

switch   port egress     rx-only active-active-vlags loopback mir_prevent_out

-------- ---- ---------- ------- ------------------- -------- ---------------

pubdev03 1    1-65,67-72 none    none                none     66              

pubdev03 2    1-65,67-72 none    none                none     66              

pubdev03 3    1-65,67-72 none    none                none     66              

pubdev03 4    1-65,67-72 none    none                none     66              

pubdev03 5    1-65,67-72 none    none                none     66              

pubdev03 6    1-65,67-72 none    none                none     66              

pubdev03 7    1-65,67-72 none    none                none     66              

pubdev03 8    1-65,67-72 none    none                none     66              

pubdev03 9    1-65,67-72 none    none                none     66              

pubdev03 10   1-65,67-72 none    none                none     66



Informational Note:  The port and egress values may vary from platform to platform.

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