To facilitate optimal east-west routing while supporting transparent virtual machine mobility, leaf switches are assigned the same gateway IP and MAC address for each locally defined subnet. Having the same gateway IP and MAC address helps ensure a default gateway presence across all leaf switches. It removes the suboptimal routing inefficiencies associated with separate centralized gateways.

This command allows you to display subnet configurations.

Syntax   subnet-show

name name-string

Displays the name of the subnet.

scope local|cluster|fabric

Displays the scope of the subnet.

vnet vnet name 

Displays the VNET name assigned to the subnet.

vlan vlan id

Displays the VLAN assigned to the subnet.

vxlan vlan vxlan

Displays the VXLAN assigned to the subnet

network ip-address

Displays the IP address  assigned to the subnet.

netmask netmask

Displays the netmask of the IP address.

vrf vrf name

Displays the VRF assigned to the subnet.

anycast-gw-ip ip-addresss

Specify the IP address for the anycast gateway.

state init|ok|vxlan not found|vxlan deactivated|
subnet is not installed in hw

Displays the state of the subnet. The subnet state output reflects the local state on each node.


Displays the subnet state in the RIB and FIB tables.

network6 ip-address

Displays the IPv6 subnet address.

netmask6 netmask

Displays the IPv6 netmask.

anycast-gw-ip6 ip-address

Displays the IPv6 address for the anycast gateway.

packet-relay enable|disable|none

Displays the packet relay as enabled, disabled, or none.

forward-proto dhcp

Displays the forwarding packet protocol. The parameter only accepts DHCP as the protocol.

forward-ip ip-address

Displays the IPv4 address for forwarding the packet.

forward-ip6 ip-address

Displays the IPv6 address for forwarding the packet.


Enable or disable the subnet.

Formatting Options

format fields-to-display

Display output using a specific parameter. Use all to display all possible output.

parsable-delim character

Display output formatted for machine parsing using a specified delimiter.


Display output in ascending order.


Display output in descending order.

show dups

Display duplicate entries in the output.

layout vertical|horizontal

Format the output in a vertical or horizontal layout.

show-interval seconds-interval

Repeat the show command at a specified interval.


Display column headers or not.

limit-output number

Limit the display output to a specific number of entries.


Display the number of entries in the output. This is useful with vRouter show commands.


Display full values in the output instead of scaled approximate values.


Display integer values instead of mapped values


Aggregate output by specific parameters. If sum-by fields are specified, records that have the same value in sum-by fields are combined and displayed as one aggregate record. NOTE: This option is only available for show commands that collect statistics such as connection-stats-show.

Defaults   None

Access   Network Administrator


Version 3.0.0

Command introduced.

Version 3.1.0

The parameters, network6, netmask6, anycast-gw-ip6, packet-relay, forward-proto, forward-ip, forward-ip6, and enable|disabled added.

Usage   Use this command to display a subnet configuration.

Examples  To display a subnet  configuration, subnet-one, use the following syntax:

CLI network-admin@switch > subnet-show name subnet-one


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