This command creates a certificate request for the TLS connection.

Syntax   syslog-tls-cert-request-create country country-string state state-string city city-string organization organization-string organizational-unit organizational-unit-string common-name common-name-string

country country-string

Specify the country as a two letter code.

state state-string

Specify the state or province.

city city-string

Specify the city.

organization organization-string

Specify the organization.

organizational-unit organizational-unit-string

Specify the organizational unit.

common-name common-name-string

Specify the common name.

Defaults   None

Access   CLI

History   Command introduced in Version 2.5.

Usage   Use this command to generate a certificate request for TLS connections.

Examples  To clear imported certificates, use the following syntax:

CLI network-admin@switch > syslog-tls-cert-request-create country US state CA city Palo Alto organization engineering organizational-unit QA common-name

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