This command is used to display information about fabric transaction status for the current node.

Syntax   transaction-show


start-time date/time: yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss

Specify the start time to show transactions.

end-time date/time: yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss

Specify the end time to show transactions.

scope local|cluster|fabric

Specify if you want to display the transaction numbers on a local, cluster, or fabric scope.

tid tid-number

Displays the transaction number.

start-tid start-tid-number

Displays the starting transaction ID number.

end-tid end-tid-number

Displays the end transaction ID number.

state start|commit-request|
commit-prep|commit|commit-done| abort-start|abort-done|remote-start|remote-commit-request| remote-commit-prep|remote-commit|
undo-info|changeid|reserve|reserve-abort|remote-reserve|remote-reserve-abort|checkpoint-start| checkpoint-done|roll-forward|roll-back|roll-forward-result|    roll-back-result|change-no-xact|

Displays the final state of the transaction. Typically, this is a type of commit to indicate that the transaction is completed. Abort indicates that the transaction did not complete.

command command-string

Displays the command used by the transaction code to roll forward the transaction.

local-command local-command-string

Displays commands with fields local-scope.

undo-command undo-command-string

Displays the command used by the transaction code to roll back the transaction.

failure failure-string

Displays the failure message if the error is ignored.

Formatting Options

format fields-to-display

Display output using a specific parameter. Use all to display all possible output.

parsable-delim character

Display output formatted for machine parsing using a specified delimiter.


Display output in ascending order.


Display output in descending order.

show dups

Display duplicate entries in the output.

layout vertical|horizontal

Format the output in a vertical or horizontal layout.

show-interval seconds-interval

Repeat the show command at a specified interval.


Display column headers or not.

limit-output number

Limit the display output to a specific number of entries.


Display the number of entries in the output. This is useful with vRouter show commands.


Display full values in the output instead of scaled approximate values.


Display integer values instead of mapped values


Aggregate output by specific parameters. If sum-by fields are specified, records that have the same value in sum-by fields are combined and displayed as one aggregate record. NOTE: This option is only available for show commands that collect statistics such as connection-stats-show.

Defaults   None

Access   CLI

History   Command introduced in Version 2.2.3

Version 2.2.3

Command introduced.

Version 3.0.0

The following parameters added: local-command and failure. Additional states added: oll-forward|roll-back|roll-forward-

Usage   Use this command to display the changes that occur when the transaction-rollforward-to or transaction-rollback-to commands are used. This may be necessary to resynchronize the fabric without forcing nodes to unjoin and rejoin the fabric. If multiple nodes are out of synch, you must recover each node separately.

The scope parameter indicates which set of transactions to display as each scope has an independent set of transactions associated with it. The default scope is fabric unless another scope is specified.

You cannot copy and paste commands and undo-commands because they include information that cannot apply to new commands. These fields are informational-only and allow you to see exactly what happens to the configuration when you roll forward or roll back the transaction ID.

Once you decide which node you want to modify and the transaction that you want to roll forward or roll back, you use the transaction-rollforward-to or transaction-rollback-to commands to re-run the command (roll forward) or undo the command (rollback) on the node. This applies only to the local node.

Examples  To display information about transactions, use the following syntax:

CLI network-admin@switch > transaction-show

CLI (network-admin@pleiades24) > transaction-show scope fabric

start-time:   14:51:29

tid:          1

state:        commit-done

command:      vnet-create id a000014:1 name vnet1 scope fabric vrg a000014:0 vlans 5 config-admin vnet_mgr_id a000014:0 vnet_mgr_zone_id a000014:1 vnet_mgr_location 167772180 vrg_created_by_vnet true admin_role a000014:400


start-time:   14:51:45

tid:          2

state:        commit-done

command:      vnet-manager-interface-add vnet-manager-name vnet1-mgr nic eth0.11 ip netmask 24 vlan 11 no-exclusive nic-enable vrrp-priority 255


start-time:   14:51:51

tid:          3

state:        commit-done

command:      vlan-create id 11 scope fabric stats

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