This command deletes an existing VLAG from the configuration.

Syntax   vlag-delete name name-string 

name name-string

Specify the VLAG name.

Defaults   None.

Access   CLI

History   Command introduced in nvOS Version 1.2.1.

Usage   A virtual link aggregation group (VLAG) allows links that are physically connected to two different Pluribus Networks devices to appear as a single trunk to a third device. The third device can be a switch, server, or any Ethernet device. A VLAG can provide Layer 2 multipathing, which allows you to create redundancy by increasing bandwidth, enabling multiple parallel paths between nodes and loadbalancing traffic where alternative paths exist. This command deletes a VLAG.

Examples  To delete a VLAG with the identifier, 34, use the following command:

CLI network-admin@switch > vlag-delete 34

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