This command is used to display route maps for BGP and OSPF vRouter configurations.

Syntax   vrouter-route-map-show


vrouter-name name-string

Specifies the name of the vRouter.

name name-string

Specifies the name of the route map.

seq number

Specifies the sequence number to assign to the route map. This is a value between 1 and 4294967295.

action permit|deny

Specifies the route map to permit or deny packets.

match-prefix prefix-list-name

Specifies the prefixes used to match.

match-community match-community-string

Specifies the community string to match. (BGP only)


Specifies if the community string is an exact match or not. (BGP only)

community-attribute unset|none|no-export|no-advertise|

Specifies the community attribute. If you specify a community attribute, you cannot add a generic community attribute as well.

community-attribute-generic community-attribute-generic-string

Specifies a generic community attribute such as AA:NN. (BGP only)


Specifies if a given community is appended to existing communities value.

comm-list-del vrouter community-list name 

Specifies if you want to remove community values from BGP community attributes

local-pref integer

Specifies a local preference. This is a value between 1 and 4294967295.

metric none

Specifies a metric for the route map.

metric-type 1|2

Specifies the metric type as 1 or 2.

as-path-prepend integer

Specifies an integer from 1 to 4294967295.

as-path-prepend-last-as integer

Specifies an integer from 1 to 10.

as-path-exclude integer

Specifies an integer from 1 to 4294967295.

origin none|egp|igp|incomplete

Specify the origin of BGP prefix:

none — Resets the origin to none.

egp — Specifies the route as a remote EGP route.

igp  — Specifies the route as a local IGP route.

incomplete — Route is of unknown heritage.

Formatting Options

format fields-to-display

Display output using a specific parameter. Use all to display all possible output.

parsable-delim character

Display output formatted for machine parsing using a specified delimiter.


Display output in ascending order.


Display output in descending order.

show dups

Display duplicate entries in the output.

layout vertical|horizontal

Format the output in a vertical or horizontal layout.

show-interval seconds-interval

Repeat the show command at a specified interval.


Display column headers or not.

limit-output number

Limit the display output to a specific number of entries.


Display the number of entries in the output. This is useful with vRouter show commands.


Display full values in the output instead of scaled approximate values.


Display integer values instead of mapped values


Aggregate output by specific parameters. If sum-by fields are specified, records that have the same value in sum-by fields are combined and displayed as one aggregate record. NOTE: This option is only available for show commands that collect statistics such as connection-stats-show.


Defaults   None

Access   CLI - Network Admin


Version 2.4.0

Command introduced.

Version 2.6.0

The parameters, metric and metric-type, added for OSPF. The parameters, as-path-, added.

Version 3.0.0

The parameters for BGP communities added.

Version 3.0.3

The parameter, origin, added.

Usage   Use this command to display route maps for BGP configurations.

Examples  To display a route map on vRouter1, with the name bgp-map, use the following syntax:

CLI network-admin@switch > vrouter-route-map-show vrouter-name vRouter1 name bgp-map

vrouter-name   name    seq action match-prefix community-attribute

-------------- ------- --- ------ ------------ -------------------

vRouter1       bgp-map 75 permit prefix1       local-AS