You can perform TLS certificate management for the Netvisor Web service. For HTTPS communication between a REST API client and the Web application server running on the switch, you must configure a server certificate and deploy it on the Web application server.

Syntax   web-cert-info-show cert-type ca|intermediate|server subject subject-string file-inter file-inter-string 

cert-type ca|intermediate|server

Specifies the type of the CA Certificate.

subject subject-string

Specifies the subject in the Certificate file.

issuer issuer-string

Specifies the issuer of the intermediate CA Certificate file.

serial-number serial-number-number

Specifies the serial number in the Certificate file.

valid-from valid-from-string

Specifies the valid from date in the Certificate file.

valid-to valid-to-string

Specifies the valid to date in the Certificate file.

Defaults   None

Access   Network admin

History   Command introduced in Version 2.4.1.

Usage   Use this command to import certificates to Netvisor.

Examples  To import a Web certificate, use the following syntax:

CLI network-admin@switch > web-cert-info-show