Fast Failover for STP and Cluster
Previously, cluster STP operation did not support fast failover because Netvisor ONE does not share STP state machine state between the two nodes. As a result, when the master fails, the slave recomputes the STP state from scratch. When the cluster comes online, the cluster recomputes the STP state from scratch. This causes topology changes which cause traffic loss until the STP converges. By default, Netvisor ONE supports fast failure.
Netvisor ONE supports show commands for this feature:
CLI network-admin@Leaf1 > stp-state-show
switch: Leaf-1
vlan: 1
ports: none
instance-id: 1
name: stg-default
bridge-id: 66:0e:94:d5:b0:cc
bridge-priority: 32769
root-id: 66:0e:94:35:c2:ce
root-priority: 32769
root-port: 128
hello-time: 2
forwarding-delay: 15
max-age: 20
disabled: none
learning: none
forwarding: none
discarding: none
edge: none
designated: none
alternate: none
backup: none
STP parameters such as bridge-priority, port cost values configured before upgrading to 2.4.0 are set to default values after upgrading to .4.0. You must reconfigure STP after upgrading the software.