Additional BGP Parameters
There are additional BGP parameters that you can use to optimize your BGP network. Add any of the following parameters:
ebgp-multihop — a value for external BGP to accept or attempt BGP connections to external peers, not directly connected, on the network. This is a value between 1 and 255.
update-source vrouter — the source IP address of BGP packets sent by the router. This parameter is required if you want BGP to perform peering over a loopback interface.
prefix-list-in — specify a list of incoming prefixes for route redistribution.
prefix-list-out — specify a list of outgoing prefixes for route redistribution.
override-capability — override the result of capability negotiation with the local configuration. This parameter allows you to ignore a remote peer’s capability value.
soft-reconfig-inbound — defines the route refresh capability by allowing the local device to reset inbound routing tables dynamically by exchanging route refresh requests to supporting peers.
max-prefix — allows you to specify the maximum number of IP prefixes to filter.
max-prefix-warn — add a parameter to warn when the maximum number of prefixes is reached.