Enabling Virtual Wire Mode
To setup the switch in Virtual Wire mode, you must install the required license key:
CLI network-admin@Leaf1 > software-license-install key bear,stage,grey,book
The following command instructs the switch to operate in Virtual Wire mode and it is used to enable global Virtual Wire functionality on a switch:
CLI network-admin@Leaf1 > switch-mode-modify switch-mode virtual-wire
Informational Note: When Virtual Wire mode is enabled, regular Layer 2 switching is inhibited on the switch. This includes Layer 2 learning and forwarding as well as the processing and forwarding of BPDUs.
You can now select the Virtual Wire mode, using the switch-mode-modify command:
CLI network-admin@switch > switch-mode-modify switch-mode virtual-wire
To display the switch mode, use the switch-mode-show command:
CLI network-admin@Leaf1 > switch-mode-show
switch: pluribus
switch-mode: virtual-wire