Automatic Link Aggregation on ESXi-facing Ports for vCenter
Currently, automatic Link Aggregation (LAG) is only supported between Pluribus Networks switches. With this new feature, automatic Link Aggregation (LAG) includes ports between Pluribus Networks switches and ESXi hosts .
Netivsor implements LLDP and LACP to bundle the ports. Since Netvisor ONE does not proviide custom type-length-value (TLV) probes, Netvisor ONE implements standard LLDP TLVs to uniquely identify ESXi hosts. Netvisor ONE uses the system description TLV to identify ESXi hosts and the system name uses to uniquely identify a specific ESXi host.
Netvisor ONE enables LACP mode and set to active on auto-lag with a fallback-option of individual to ensure extra robustness in bundling and ensure ports are bundled only if the ESXi host runs LACP to avoid any data path issues.
Netvisor ONE provides a new parameter to enable or disable trunking towards hosts. The default value is off.
The current global parameter auto-trunk needs to be ON (default) for this new settings to take effect. Setting auto-trunk to off turns off all trunking.
CLI (network-admin@Leaf1) > system-settings-show
auto-host-trunk: on
Example output from trunk-show, port-show and lldp-show.
CLI (network-admin@Leaf1) > trunk-show format trunk-id,switch,name,ports,lacp-mode,lacp-fallback,lacp-individual,status,
trunk-id switch name ports lacp-mode lacp-fallback        
-------- -------------- -------- ----- --------- -------------        
129 Leaf1          auto-129 42,44 active individual           
lacp-individual status
--------------- -----------
none            up,PN-other
CLI (network-admin@Leaf1) > port-show port 42,44 format all
port bezel-port vnet hostname status                                  
---- ---------- ---- -------- ---------------------------------------
42 42 up,PN-other,LLDP,trunk,LACP-PDUs,vlan-up
44 44 up,PN-other,LLDP,trunk,LACP-PDUs,vlan-up
rswitch rem-ip    rem-mac           lport config  trunk
----------------- ----------------- ------ ------ --------
2987 ::        00:00:00:00:00:00 42 fd,10g  auto-129
2987 ::        00:00:00:00:00:00 44 fd,10g  auto-129
CLI (network-admin@Leaf1) > lldp-show
local-port chassis-id port-id port-desc                     
---------- ---------- ----------------- ------------------------------
42 vmnic2 00:50:56:98:07:56 port 25 on dvSwitch DEV-CN-Tests-1
44 vmnic3 00:50:56:98:07:57 port 24 on dvSwitch DEV-CN-Tests-1