About the Default Configuration
By default, Netvisor ONE creates a new fabric instance on VLAN 1. However, VLAN 1 is often the default VLAN in most networks and therefore security best practices recommend using a non-default VLAN, whenever possible, for maximum robustness and error prevention.
To assign a non-default VLAN, for example, a VLAN ID between 2 and 4093, use the command:
CLI network-admin@switch > fabric-create name name-string vlan vlan-id
To change the VLAN ID of an existing fabric, use the command, fabric-local-modify. Use the same command to change the fabric administration network, control plane network, and the network to send fabric advertisements.
CLI network-admin@switch > fabric-local-modify vlan vlan-id
Note that a Fabric will remain in unstable state until the changes are made to all the switches in the fabric. Also, note that a switch can belong to only one fabric.