Displaying Fabric Nodes
Netvisor ONE uses fabric keepalive packets to determine the state of each fabric node. To display the state, use the fabric-node-show command with the syntax:
CLI network-admin@switch > fabric-node-show [state offline| online|in-band-only-online|mgmt-only-online|fabric-joined|eula-required|
Netvisor ONE supports monitoring and reporting on both management and in-band network, therefore the node state can be one of the following:
online — reachability of node over both management and in-band interfaces
In-band-only-online — reachability of node through in-band channel only
mgmt-only-online — reachability of node through management network only
offline — no reachability over either communication channel.
In this example, Netvisor ONE displays the online node state in the command output:
CLI network-admin@switch > fabric-node-show layout vertical
id: 167772208
name: pubdev01
fab-name: Fabric1
fab-id: a000030:5537b46c
cluster-id: a000030:1
fab-mcast-ip: ::
local-mac: 64:0e:94:28:00:8e
fabric-network: in-band
mgmt-mac: 64:0e:94:28:00:8f
mgmt-l3-port: 0
in-band-mac: 64:0e:94:28:00:8e
in-band-l3-port: 0
fab-tid: 8
cluster-tid: 1
out-port: 0
version: 2.2.202046923,pn-ONVL-2.2.4-2020412306
state: online
firmware-upgrade: not-required
device-state: ok
ports: 0
Also check the fab-tid value for consistency on each node.