Viewing User Sessions on a Switch
For security and troubleshooting information, view the user sessions on the switch. Netvisor ONE lists all currently logged-in users along with the IP address of the connection and login time when you execute the command, mgmt-session-show.
CLI network-admin@switch > mgmt-session-show
user user-string
Displays the user name.
cli-user cli-user-string
Displays the name used to log into the switch.
pid pid-number
Displays the process ID.
terminal terminal-string
Displays the terminal.
from-ip ip-address
Displays the IP address for the user.
login-time date/time: yyyy-mm-ddTHH:mm:ss
Displays the time and date that the user logged into the switch.
remote-node remote-node-string
Displays the name of the remote node.
vnet vnet-string
Displays the vNET assigned to the user.
type cli|api|shell
Displays the type of login session.
CLI network-admin@switch > mgmt-session-show
switch user  cli-user pid terminal from-ip login-time
------------- ----- ------------- ----- -------- ------------ --------------
Spine-ext-41  admin network-admin 13805 pts/3 11:20:52
Spine-ext-41  root network-admin 8589 pts/2 11-15,17:16:17
Spine-ext-41  network-admin 08:24:10
Spine-ext-41  root 19139 pts/1 11-15,11:01:08