(CLI network-admin@Spine1)>switch-group-member-show
name name-string
Displays the name of the switch group.
member fabric-node name
Displays the name of the switches in a group.
To display switch-group, use the following syntax:
CLI (network-admin@Leaf1)>switch-group-member-show
switch name member
-------- ------------ -------------
Spine-1  rack-1-row-1 Leaf-1
Support for Enabling or Disabling LLDP
This feature provides for a generic LLDP ON/OFF toggle function at the system level. You can disable the LLDF configuration on per port basis or on all ports of a switch. This resets the related configurations of LLDP protocol setting and LLDP vFlows.
Use the following CLI command to enable and disable the protocol:
CLI network-admin@switch > system-settings-modify [lldp|no-lldp]
LLDP packets are processed on the CPU with the help of LLDP vFlows.
To clear all LLDP protocol system flows use the parameter no-lldp.
To add all LLDP protocol system flows use the parameter lldp.
To enable or disable LLDP on a port, use the command:
CLI network-admin@switch > port-lldp-modify
port port-list
Specify the LLDP port that you want to modify.
lldp|no-lldp LLDP on or off
Specify if LLDP is on or off.
Use the following commands to view the show output:
CLI network-admin@switch > system-settings-show
switch: Spine1
optimize-arps: on
lldp: on
CLI network-admin@switch > port-lldp-show