Support for Local Loopback IP Addresses
Netvisor ONE uses the loopback interface as an always up and available virtual interface, and you can assign it a unique IPv4 or IPv6 address. Netvisor ONE uses a loopback interface as a termination address for some routing protocols, because of the availability of the interface. Netvisor ONE allows you to configure a loopback address for a global zone.
Send a dedicated ping to loopback interface
Create a BGP neighbor using the loopback Interface with OSPF so reachability is there for BGP and BGP next hop self
Make sure log messages do not show any issues
Netvisor ONE deploys the loopback IP address as persistent in the configuration and not affected by a reboot or reset of Netvisor ONE.
To add a loopback IPv4 or IPv6 address or both to an existing configuration, use the following syntax: