Finding Command Options
The syntax consists of optional or required keywords. Enter a question mark (?) at the command prompt or after entering part of a command followed by a space to display keywords for a command. CLI displays a list of available keywords along with a brief description of the keywords. For example, to display all of the keywords for the command user, enter user ?.
Table 2, Finding Command Options, displays examples of using the question mark (?) to assist you with entering commands.
Table 2: Finding Command Options
CLI network-admin@switch > ?
All commands:
Displays a list of commands that begin with a specific character string. Do not leave a space between the string and question mark.
Switch> user auth
User: <user>
Password: <password>
Completes a partial command name.
Lists all commands.
command ?
Lists all keywords for the command. Leave a space between the command and the question mark.
command option ?
Lists all arguments for the option. Leave a space between the command and the question mark.
Informational Note: Other useful options, especially for displaying statistics, include sort, interval, duration, and show diff interval.