Auto Provisioning for vCenter

Auto-provisioning allows a network administrators to provide a range of VLANs that other administrators, for example, server administrators, can use to associate with port Groups used in vCenter and applied to Virtual Machines(VMs).

For auto-provisioning VLANs, the vcenter-connection-create command is extended to include a vlans keyword to allow one VLAN or a range of VLANs tied to the service. If VLANs are not provided as part of starting the service, then VLANs are not auto-provisioned. In this initial release, a maximum of 500 VLANs can be provisioned with per connection service instance.

Overlapping VLANs across connection service instances is allowed. VMs connect to portGroups on a ESXi server, and the PortGroups include definition of VLAN or VLAN range used. In order for the port Group VLAN or VLAN range to be provisioned in the fabric it must be part of the range specified in the connection service command. The VLANs are created with the scope local and no ports added.

VLAN creation is persisted even after rebooting the switch. When the connection service is deleted, Netvisor One deletes the VLANs or cleans up VLAN port membership added by the service. For port membership on a VLAN, each switch manages the local host facing ports. It relies on LLDP objects stored on per physical NIC (pNIC) per ESXi basis and distributed vSwitch (DVS) object attached to the pNIC. VMs attached to associated DVS are port members. Server administrators must enable LLDP for the distributed portGroup.

When the last VM attached to the local host port is removed, then the port is removed from associated VLAN. Port membership is validated and if necessary, updated with each poll cycle of the vCenter database.

To display the range of provisioned VLANs, use the vcenter-connection-show command:

CLI (network-admin@switch) > vcenter-connection-show

switch         name host        user                       enable state

-------------- ---- ----------- -------------------------- ------ -----

Spine1         svc2 administrator@lab.pluribus yes    ok   

Spine1         svc2 administrator@lab.pluribus yes    ok   



connected at 2017-01-14 03:07:23

connected at 2017-01-14 03:07:21