Configuring a VXLAN with Netvisor One

For the first scenario, no additional configuration is required. The second scenario requires the following steps, in order:

  1. Create a hardware vRouter.
  2. Add interfaces to the vRouter, one per tunnel. The tunnel endpoint IP address should be routable.
  3. Create one or more tunnels.
  4. Create the VXLAN with the VNI, and add the tunnels created in the previous steps.

To create a VXLAN, vx-seg1, with the VNID 25, scope fabric, and turn off deep inspection, use the following syntax:

CLI (network-admin@switch) > vxlan-create name vx-seg1 vnid 25 scope fabric deep-inspection no

To delete a VXLAN, use the vxlan-delete command.

To display information about VXLANs, use the vxlan-show command.

If you added a port to the VXLAN configuration, use the vxlan-port-remove command.