Copying and Importing Configuration Files

You can create a configuration file to import to another switch by using the switch-config-copy-to-import command. To create a configuration file with the name config-092613 to import on another switch, use the following syntax:

CLI (network-admin@Leaf1) > switch-config-copy-to-import export-file config-092613

After you create the configuration file, you can export it to /nvOS/export/ directory, and SFTP to it from the target switch.

To review the available files for import and export, use the following syntax:

CLI (network-admin@Leaf1) > switch-config-show

switch        export-file

pbg-nvos      config-092613.tar.gz


Depending on the available remote access services, you can now copy the configuration file to a different switch. For example, you can SFTP to another switch using the IP address of the switch, login as SFTP with the password that you previously set, cd /nvOS/import and get the configuration file.

To upload the configuration file to the target switch and set the configuration from the configuration file, transfer the configuration file to the target switch with the IP address,

To export a configuration to a server, use the switch-config-export command:

CLI (network-admin@Leaf1) > switch-config-export