Creating vFlows with the Scope Fabric

To create vFlows across the entire fabric, configure the vFlow with the scope fabric and stats enable option. Using these parameters enables statistics for the flow on all switches that are members of the fabric and you can display the statistics for any switch in the fabric.

To create a vFlow for VLAN1 with the scope fabric, use the following syntax:

CLI (network-admin@Leaf1) >  vflow-create name fab_flow1 scope fabric stats enable vlan 1

To display the statistics for the new vFlow for a switch in the fabric, use the following syntax:

CLI (network-admin@Leaf1) >  switch switch-name vflow-stats-show name fab_flow1

name      packets      bytes  cpu-packets  cpu-bytes

----      -------      -----  -----------  ---------

fab_flow1 51.4K        13.8M  50.1K        13.1M


If you omit the switch name, all vFlow statistics for the fabric are displayed.

switch    name      packets bytes cpu-packets cpu-bytes

------    ----      ------- ----- ----------- ---------

pleiades1 fab_flow1 1.32K   305K  1.29K       291K

pleiades2 fab_flow1 910     256K  884         243K