Important Terms

The following list of important terms and concepts as well as definitions is important for understanding Netvisor One features and determine the best configuration to meet your needs.




Application Programming Interface to the Netvisor One switch. It has a similar scope as the CLI.


Command Line Interface to the Netvisor One switch. Depending on the command, it can be executed for an individual switch, a cluster, or a fabric.


A pair of Netvisor One switches configured as a high availability group. You can configure a number of clusters in the fabric, but a switch can be a member of one cluster.


A set of Netvisor One switches configured as a single entity. Any switch can only be a member of one fabric.


NetFlow identifies packet flows for both ingress and egress IP packets and provides statistics based on these packet flows. NetFlow does not require any change to either the packets themselves or to any networking device.

In-band Management Address

The IP address of the switch on a production or management network for administration and inter-switch communication.


Link Aggregation Control Protocol allows a non-Netvisor One device to have multiple connections to the same switch, for example, IEEE 802.3ad trunks.


A logical, manageable connection within or throughout the fabric.


Virtual Link Aggregation Group is the Netvisor One method for multiple connecting hosts to multiple switches, switches to each other, and switches to other switches.