MLD Snooping of IPv6 Neighbors

For MLD snooping, solicited nodes have the IPv6 address form of FF02::1:Fxx:xxxx, where xx:xxxx consists of 24 bits of the host or VM MAC address.

This allows 2-to-the-24th possible unique groups and if MLD snooping is enabled for IPv6 addresses, scaling the number of hosts and VMs on a network can deplete the number of multicast groups. Therefore, the ability to enable or disable MLD snooping for IPv6 addresses is necessary.

Note that a Neighbor Discovery Solicited Node is in the range of ff02::1:ff00:0/104 whereas a link-local address is in the range of ff02::/10.

When link-local snooping is disabled, MLD snooping of ff02::1:ff00:0/104 is determined by the parameter no-snoop-nd|snoop-nd for the command mld-snooping-modify.

CLI (network-admin@Spine1) > mld-snooping-modify no-snoop-linklocal|snoop-linklocal no-snoop-nd|snoop-nd


By default, MLD snooping is disabled. If MLD snooping is enabled, snoop-linklocal and snoop-nd are enabled.