Multiple Neighbors over a Layer 3 Fabric

With more than two switches, the first BGP peer for each switch can be created using the fabric-comm-vrouter-bgp-create CLI.

You need to create the rest separately. Here is an example with switch-C added to the previous topology .

Figure 5 -  An Example Fabric over Layer 3 Topology

The configuration for this will proceed along the same lines as before. In addition the following steps are required in order to bring switch-B into the fabric:

  1. In switch-A, create BGP peering to switch-C and create a static route to reach switch-C’s inband network. The way to extend this beyond three switches is to use this extra step in every switch that has more than one BGP peer:


switch-A> vrouter-interface-add vrouter-name vrouter-a ip l3-port 11

switch-A> vrouter-bgp-add vrouter-name vrouter-a neighbor remote-as 65003

switch-A> fabric-in-band-network-create


  1. In switch-C, use the fabric-comm-vrouter-bgp-create command as before and connect:


switch-C> fabric-comm-vrouter-bgp-create name vrouter-c bgp-nic-l3-port 21 bgp-as 65003 bgpnic-

ip in-band-nic-ip remote-as 65001 neighbor

fabric-network bgp-redistribute connected

switch-C> fabric-join switch-ip

Joined fabric myfabric. Restarting nvOS...