Insight Analytics Flow Ports Dashboard

Selecting Overview → Analytics → Insight Analytics Flow Ports → Port Mapping displays the Port Mapping dashboard. The Port Mapping tab is highlighted.

Usage Note: Before any analytics are collected, a fabric must be added and a valid license must be installed and activated.

While in the Insight Analytics Ports dashboard you can navigate through Ports functions including, Port Mapping and Port Status.

Insight Analytics Flow Port Mapping Dashboard

This feature provides a mapping between port numbers and protocol pairs to corresponding VMware services.

Currently there exists a default port mapping file in Insight Analytics Flow which maps port/protocol pairs to certain apps.

As an example, when the port number is 80 and protocol is TCP, the app will be HTTP. This feature is extended to enable VMware specific port mapping.

When enabled, this will have precedence over the default mapping.

For example, if there are any common port/protocol pairs between VMware mapping file and the standard port mapping file the VMware mapping is used.

Insight Analytics Flow Port Mapping

Insight Analytics Flow VMware Port Mapping

To enable VMware port mapping, click the selector switch. The port mapping application displays a confirmation message.

Insight Analytics Flow Enable VMware Port Mapping

Click OK to start VMware Port Mapping or Cancel to return to the previous screen without making any changes.

A confirmation message appears, and the Port Mapping dashboard displays the running application.

Insight Analytics Flow VMware Port Mapping Running