Manage Layer 3 Configuration

UNUM Manage provides for the set up and configuration of Layer 3 settings for switches. You need to select a switch.

Fabric management is not supported using this interface.

Using the configuration tools requires upgrading your target switches to nvOS or Netvisor ONE Version 3.0.

For more details please refer to the nvOS and Netvisor ONE Configuration Guides at

Manage Layer 3 Configuration

Selecting Overview → Manage → Layer 3 displays all Layer 3 functions within UNUM. These include:

  • VROUTER – Virtual Router
      • Manage vRouters
      • vRouter Interfaces
      • Routing Table
      • Forwarding Table
      • Host Routes
  • OSPF – Open Shortest Path First
      • Manage OSPF
      • OSPF Neighbors
  • BGP – Border Gateway Protocol
      • Manage BGP
      • BGP Neighbors
  • VTEP VXLAN Tunnel Endpoint
      • Manage VTEP
      • VTEP VxLAN
  • STATIC ROUTING – Static Routing
      • Manage Routing