ZTP - Zero Touch Provisioning

ZTP provides you with a method to configure bare metal switches in a convenient manner.

The ZTP workflow comprises:

  1. Configuring a ZTP Server.
  2. Adding the required hosts.
  3. Activating the switches within UNUM.
  4. Powering up the switches (no UNUM control).
  5. Waiting for the switch to come online indicated by the nvOSd Status indicator in the ZTP Hostfile dashboard.
  6. Generating a host file for the switches.
  7. Using the host file for ZTP provisioning.

Functions included in ZTP are:

Pluribus Networks provides a series of instructional videos available to assist you in configuring Fabrics and using ZTP. These are:

Pluribus UNUM version 3.1.x - Zero Touch Provisioning

Pluribus UNUM version 3.1.x - Automated Fabric Build

Pluribus UNUM version 3.1.x - Automated Underlay Build