Selecting Overview → Manage → ZTP → ZTP Hostfile displays the ZTP Hostfile Generation dashboard.

The ZTP Hostfile Generation workflow comprises:

  1. Selecting the appropriate switch.
  2. Verifying the nvOSd Status light is green.
  3. Selecting the switch type based on your purchased license.
  4. Setting the switch to Leaf or Spine.
  5. Creating a file name for the host file.
  6. Generating the host file.

The switch previously provisioned and activated using the Software & Licensing function is displayed in the dashboard.

The nvOSd Status light indicates the following:


ONIE provision error.


ONIE provision not started (device is offline or the IP is unreachable).


ONIE provision successful.


ONIE provision "in progress".

ZTP Hostfile Generation Dashboard

Verify the nvOSd Status light is green.

ZTP Hostfile Generation Dashboard - Green Status Light

Enter a file name for the host file and click Generate. A new host file is generated and available for use.

ZTP Hostfile Generation - Generated Host File

Save the file to a convenient location. You use this file when adding switches to your Fabrics.

View Logs

Individual Switch Logs are available for review. Click View Logs for the desired Switch from the dashboard. A Host "switch_name" log is generated and displayed.

You scroll through the log entries to view the entire log.

The log window expands to provide a better view of the data. Click X to close the window and return to the ZTP Hostfile Generation dashboard.

ZTP Hostfile Generation - Switch - View Logs

Refer to Add Switches with Netvisor Fabric License or Add Switches with Netvisor Enterprise L2/L3 License sections for actual use of the generated host file.