Selecting Overview → Analytics → Insight Analytics Flow VMware → VMware DFM displays the VMware DFM dashboard. The VMware DFM tab is highlighted.

Usage Note: Before any analytics are collected, add a Fabric and install and activate a valid license.

The VMware DFM tab displays the following information:

  • Top Switches by Total # of Connection – displays the top switches by total number of connections by switch name
  • Insight – Connections Timeline by State – displays connection timeline by State (FIN, RST, SYN, SYN-ACK, etc.)
  • Insight – Connections Count – displays total number of connections
  • Total Client Endpoints – displays total number of client endpoints by unique count of srcIP
  • Srcip to dstip Dependencies – srcIP to dstIP graphic
  • Insight Details – tabular data of each connection

Insight Analytics Flow Dynamic Flow Mapping Widgets

You drilldown into the data by selecting any widget in the dashboard and clicking on an area of interest.

Search and Filtering functions work in an identical manner as described under the Common Features - Search & Filtering section.

Top Dependencies by VMware Graphic

The Top Dependencies by VMware graphic provides extensive data drilldown functionality.

By clicking on a data flow the Insight Details table is updated with specific details concerning the connection.

Insight Analytics Flow Dynamic Flow Mapping Source IP to Destination IP Mapping

Displaying UNUM Insight Analytics Flow VMware Dynamic Flow Mapping Details

The Insight Analytics Flow VMware DFM (Dynamic Flow Mapping) Details displays connection data by switch name.

Insight Analytics Flow VMware DFM Details

The Insight Details panel lists each connection and the details in the same manner as in the Connection Dashboard explained here in the documentation.