Selecting Overview → Analytics → Insight Analytics Packet → Multicast displays the Multicast dashboard. The Multicast tab is highlighted.

Usage Note: Before collecting any analytics, install and activate a valid license. Configure a Packet Engine in Manage Packet Engine. Please refer to this section to configure Packet Engines, third-party tools, upload and manage PCAP files and to manage Packet Engine configurations.

The Multicast dashboard provides valuable information about multicast packet traffic flowing to and from the switch. Individual widget types provide valuable data and are used for further data drilldown.

  • # of IGMPv2 Membership Report – the count of igmpv2 membership groups being reported.
  • # of IGMPv3 Membership Report – the count of igmpv3 membership groups being reported.
  • # of Rendezvous Points – the count of multicast rendezvous points.
  • Total Packet Counts – total count of multicast packets traversing the switch.
  • # of PIM Assert Messages – number of PIM election messages.
  • # of PIM Hello Messages – number of PIM advertisement messages.
  • # of PIM Joins – number of join messages.
  • # of PIM Prunes – number of prune messages. 

Insight Analytics Packet Multicast Dashboard

Also displayed in the Multicast dashboard are:

  • Top PIM Types – top PIM types, e.g., RPF Vector or Transport Attribute
  • Top ICMPv6 Types – top icmpv6 message types, e.g., MLDv2, Router Solicitation, etc.
  • Top ICMP Codes – top icmp control message types, e.g., Destination Unreachable or Echo Reply
  • Top IGMP Types – top igmp types, e.g., membership query, membership report, etc.

Insight Analytics Packet Multicast Dashboard

Search and Filtering functions work in an identical manner as described under the Common Features - Search & Filtering section.