Selecting Overview →  (gears icon) → License displays the License dashboard. The License tab is highlighted.  

The UNUM Configuration License module provides a convenient method of installing and managing UNUM licenses.

Select the License tab to review, install and activate licenses.

UNUM Platform Configuration License Status & Installed Licenses

There are two methods to install licenses, OFFLINE or ONLINE. There are generally two steps, first Activate the license and then Install the license key.


    1. Log into Pluribus Network Cloud (PNC) from a machine connected to the Internet.
    2. Go to Activations (see figures below).
    3. Using the Install License Key icon locate the Machine ID (see figure below) from UNUM dashboard.
    4. Copy the Machine ID and enter that into PNC and click Activate (see figure below).
    5. Once activated, click the Machine ID and your license will be display (see figure below).
    6. Copy the license key from PNC and paste it into UNUM

UNUM Offline Activation Method Menus

Note: License Enforcement – Once the license limit if reached you see an alert on the dashboard. No further Flow/PCAP data is stored. UNUM Insight Analytics Flow and Insight Analytics Packet are not available as applications if there is no Analytics license installed.

UNUM Platform Configuration Install License Key & Machine ID

Device / Machine Activated

UNUM Platform Configuration License Machine Activation


    1. Connect to the Pluribus Network Cloud (PNC) by clicking on PN Cloud and entering your PNC credentials.
    2. Any license purchases will be downloaded and available in UNUM.
    3. Activate and install the license SKU.

Activated Licenses

Once activated, active licenses are displayed in the dashboard.

UNUM Platform Configuration License Status Activated Licenses

Inactivated Licenses

Available and inactivated license are displayed in the dashboard as shown in the license tab figures above installed licenses are displayed from the top of the dashboard.

Inactivated licenses are displayed by scrolling down through the dashboard.

To activate and install licenses click Activate & Install.

UNUM Platform Configuration License Status - Inactivated Licenses

Expired License

Expired licenses are displayed in the dashboard along with their relevant data and are removed from the dashboard using Trash Bin  icon.

UNUM Platform Configuration License - Expired License

Expiring Licenses

Expiring licenses are displayed in the dashboard along with their relevant data. Remove these from the dashboard using Trash Bin  icon as required.

UNUM Platform Configuration License - Expiring Licenses