Collector Management provides functions for managing a Netvisor Collector or an sFlow Collector.

Specific licenses are required for each type of collector and instructions are detailed in the License section of this user guide. UNUM automatically detects the Netvisor® and sFlow Collectors.

To configure sFlow on a Netvisor ONE switch, please refer to the appropriate Configuration Guide for the software.

Note: The default Netvisor and sFlow collectors are automatically created upon using the Add Fabric functionality. The Netvisor Collector is enabled by default and you need need to enable the sFlow Collector as required. Modifying, deleting, or editing Collectors can cause stability issues and should only be done with Pluribus Networks TAC support for troubleshooting purposes.

Manage Collector Default Dashboard Fabric Added

You sort the list of Collectors in the Collector Management dashboard using the up / down  arrows above each of the columns to display the information in a convenient fashion. Details pertaining to a Collector are available by selecting the information  icon.

 Netvisor Collector Information

The Name of the Switch, the Management IP address, In-band IP address, access Port and the Fabric name are displayed for Netvisor Collectors.

The SystemID of the Switch, the sFlow Version, Collector IP address and Collector Port are displayed for SFLOW Collectors.

 Netvisor SFLOW Information

Update Netvisor Collector

To update a Netvisor Collector, you must first disable the Collector using the slide switch as shown above. You will be prompted to confirm you wish to disable the Collector.

 Disable Netvisor Collector

If you attempt to Edit or Delete a Collector while it is running you will be prompted to first disable the Collector or if you click the Cog  icon while the Collector is running the options are grayed-out.

Edit / Delete Menu Not Accessible

Edit / Delete Menu

Once the Collector is disabled you click the Cog  icon to either Edit or Delete the Collector.

Edit Netvisor Collector

The current Switch is displayed, and new switch information is entered by selecting an alternate Switch (if available) from the drop-down list and entering the Username and Password. Enter the required information and click Update. Then re-enable the Collector.

Update Netvisor Collector

Note: The Edit icon referred to in this section is accessed using Cog  icon.