Selecting Overview → Analytics → Switch Analytics → Alerts displays the Alerts dashboard. The Alerts tab is highlighted.  

The UNUM Switch Analytics Alert module provides a method of creating Alerts notifying the user of critical monitored events.

If Alerts have not previously been configured, you use the dashboard to set up the Alerts settings.

Note: The UNUM Alerts feature requires the UNUM-ALRT-LIC Pluribus UNUM add-on reporting license be installed. Please refer to the UNUM License Management section.

Enter the desired Time zone.

Switch Analytics Notifications Alerts Setup

Click Save to continue.

Click Index to configure the Index Settings and Index Patterns for the Alert.

Switch Analytics Notifications Alerts Index Settings

Enter the Index patterns, such as “all-connections”.

Note: You must first add the indices you want to monitor in Index Settings, then they will show up as a drop down in the Index Pattern in the Alert Details.

The system will begin indexing the pattern and mapping data.

Switch Analytics Notifications Alerts Index Pattern Mapping

The Index Pattern is displayed in the dashboard.

To setup a schedule to refresh the indices select REFRESH INDICES BY SCHEDULE and enter the desired frequency schedule and click Schedule.

Switch Analytics Notifications Alerts Refresh Indices by Schedule

To use Alerts, you must configure the alert mechanism using a Webhook or Email and set the requisite Time zone.

Switch Analytics Alerts Configure Webhook

To configure a Webhook click Add Webhook. Enter the required information for Basic, OAuth or None for the type of Webhook connection needed.

Switch Analytics Alerts Add Webhook Connection

Click Save to add the webhook. You test the webhook connection using Test URL.

To configure a Proxy, click Proxy. Enter the required information for  setting up the Proxy.

Options include: No Proxy, Manual Proxy or Use Automatic Proxy.

Follow the on-screen instructions for the option chosen and click Save Settings to continue.

Switch Analytics Alerts Configure Proxy

To configure an email connection, click Email.

Click the Email Setting switch to enable the email service and enter the requisite information for the email services you wish to use.

Switch Analytics Alerts Configure Email Settings

Enter the type of email Supported Service you want to use.

Switch Analytics Notifications Alerts Email Server Configuration Email Service

Select Others to use your own email server or service provider or choose from Google Gmail or Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) providers.

In the following example the SMTP service provider server information is entered along with the service port and SSL encryption.

You must provide the senders email and check Enable Password when your email service provider requires it.

Enter your Password and Admin Email.

Switch Analytics Notifications Alerts Email Server Configuration

Click Save to setup the email service.

To test the email server settings, provide the requisite email account and click Send Test Mail.

If the settings are correct you should receive a test email message shortly.

Switch Analytics Alerts - Send Test Email

Create Alert

Once the Alerts configuration is complete you create an Alert by clicking, Create Alert.

Switch Analytics Alerts - Create Alert

To create an alert, you click on the Clock icon and Create Alert.

Enter the Alert Details as required. Scroll down to display additional alert fields.

Note: Easily lookup all Indexes using “all-connections” and “all-portstatss” in the INDEX NAME field.

Switch Analytics Alerts - Create Alert Parameters

Scroll to the end of the configuration window and enter type of alert notification required and complete the necessary information.

Switch Analytics Alert Notification Settings

When an alert email is generated, the body of the email message contains a ${Result} variable which is used to create a clickable link within the email message. The link takes you to the dashboard containing the alert data.

For example:


Clicking on the link will display the following dashboard:

Switch Analytics Alert Notification Email Link Dashboard

When properly configured the green check mark highlights and you click on the green check mark to save the alert.

Insight Analytics Flow Alerts - Save Alert

The Alert is then displayed on the Alerts dashboard.

Switch Analytics Alert Module Dashboard

Alerts Details, Alert Conditions, Schedule Details and Alert Action parameters can all be adjusted depending on the monitoring and alerting requirements.

You make further changes to the Alert selecting the Snooze, Edit or the Clone icon under Action.

Switch Analytics Alerts Action Function

UNUM Switch Analytics Alerts is based on Skedler Alerts.

For additional information on the use and configuration of Alerts refer to: Skedler Alerts User Guide.